About WM Dolls - A Detailed Look

This page offers up-to-date information on WM Dolls and why we think they stand out as an attractive Doll option in today's market.

WM Dolls are the original sex doll manufacturer, opening in 2005. They originally made fibreglass mannequins, but in 2010 they entered the sex doll market with the first ever TPE sex doll, where at the time there were only silicone products available.

Today WM Dolls remains the largest sex doll manufacturer in China, and operate under the name 'Jinsan'. Jinsan are responsible for producing many Doll brands, including YL, JS, and OR Dolls, among others.

After touring the WM Dolls factory in March of 2019, we were very impressed with the size and scale, and we quickly learned that a second factory was due to be opened later that year.

From our time operating Pleasure Dolls Australia we have been impressed with the high level of Customer Service we consistently receive and also the quick turnaround time from order placement to order completion.

The final product is always a match for the online images and our Customers are quick to approve a shipment once they see the photos of their completed Doll.

Recent developments and advancements include:

- Double-hinged skeleton: a new 'double-hinged' skeleton is now available where the elbows and knee joints now offer more realistic movement. This latest improvement improves the ease of movement at these joints, and places less pressure on the TPE skin, which is widely accepted to mean a WM Doll will last longer.

Gel Breasts: do you like your breasts to feel soft and realistic, but hollow breasts feel too hollow?

Gel Breasts might be the answer. Placed mid-way between Hollow and Solid breasts, Gel Breasts offer both a more realistic feel and movement, as they are injected with a super-soft TPE material. 

- Realistic Painted Skin Effect - WM Dolls have released a new technique of producing a more realistic skin 'painting' effect for their doll range which adds texture, depth and dimension to the skin. The added realism means veins, blemishes and general shading come together to make your Doll look so much more realistic.

(Currently this technique is available for all 'light-coloured' skin colours, and not 'Black' skin tone). 

Skeleton HandsWM Dolls have introduced the first 'skeleton hands' with realistic moving skeletal fingers. No more finger wires, this latest innovation means your doll's fingers are more sturdy and realistic than ever before.



Pleasure Dolls Australia offers over 120 different WM Doll options, with more options constantly being added. Pleasure Dolls Australia is excited to be an Authorised WM Dolls Reseller to the Australian market.

Here is a list of features and benefits when considering purchasing a WM Doll:

- a vast number of available options, i.e. faces / body shapes & heights / eye colours / skin tones / wig choices

- 'Gel Breast' option - offers hyper-realism, soft to touch but still firm (available for B-Cup breast sizes and fuller)

- Double-hinged skeleton (elbows and knee joints)

- New realistic 'painted' skin for hyper-realism

New skeleton hands - for added sturdiness and realism 

- Moaning option - touch-activated 'moaning' voice option available

Male Dolls - several 160cm and 175cm male Doll heights available 

- Penis add-ons2 impressive sizes, with ultra-realistic veiny shafts

(Available in 15cm length x 12cm girth / 19cm length x 11cm girth)

- Torso Dolls - currently 2 x upper body 'M' Cup options, with more being added

Full Silicone and TPE Body / Silicone Head Dolls - for hyper realism

- all of the standard features and options you have come to expect from a well-respected brand.

When you think about all of the face and wig options, combined with an impressive range of body types, eye colours, skin tones etc, your ability to create your very own unique WM Doll has never been easier.

WM Doll Inclusions

Included with your WM Doll are the following items:

  • Owner's Manual
  • Wig
  • Comb
  • Gloves
  • USB Heating Rod
  • Vaginal/Anal cavity cleaning bottle
  • Lingerie/outfit (randomly selected)