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Why Buy From Pleasure Dolls Australia?

All too often we hear of people's experiences where they may have received a great product, but the Customer Service was poor, or their experience with a Sales person was great, but the product ended up being second-rate.

Is it possible these days to receive a great quality product AND a high level of Customer Service combined?

At Pleasure Dolls Australia we are committed to offering you BOTH.

Here is a list of reasons why you should throw our 'hat in the ring' when considering a Doll purchase.

Customer Service:

At the heart of our business is YOU, the Customer, and we understand there would be no Pleasure Dolls Australia without satisfied Customers. We pride ourselves on setting the highest possible standard, ensuring your experience is as 'pleasurable' as possible.

Positive reviews and feedback:

The manufacturers for the range of Dolls offered on this site continue to prove that they offer their customers the very best. This is perhaps best seen through the positive comments and reviews found on The Doll Forum.

And Pleasure Dolls Australia are proud to have received great feedback ourselves, regarding both our Customer Service and Doll quality. Please visit our Customer Feedback page to read some of our many testimonials received over the past 3 years.

Authorised Reseller:

We are an Authorised Reseller for all WMDolls, YL Dolls, 6YE Premium Dolls and Irontech Dolls.

At Pleasure Dolls Australia you receive high quality products direct from the Original Manufacturer, guaranteed. Don't waste money on inferior copies.

To view our listing as an Authorised 6YE Reseller click HERE:


Because we are based 100% online without the expensive overheads associated with owning a traditional business, we can offer quality products at affordable prices.

We are not interested in charging like a wounded bull, it's just not necessary. We are cheaper than our Australian competitors because we don't have high profit margins built in to our pricing. This means YOU walk away with more value.

When you see an advertised price, you are guaranteed this is the MOST you will have to pay – no nasty surprises! (And we don't try and save ourselves a few dollars by 'under-declaring' the cost of goods once it reaches Australian Customs, unlike some Resellers)!

This also means there are no unnecessary delays with Customs investigating the declared value of a shipment. Everything is taken care of so you can sit back, relax, and wait for that 'knock at the door'.

At the end of the day, you deserve a great quality product at a fair price with NO funny business - that's the Australian way, and that's how it should be!

Price Match Guarantee:

Pleasure Dolls Australia are committed to offering an extensive range of authentic Dolls to our Customers at the very best price. Our promise to you is that if you find the same product on offer at a lower price than one of our Australian competitors, we will match their price. 

Visit our Price Match Guarantee page for more details.

Customs clearance:

At Pleasure Dolls Australia, we know that once you buy your Pleasure Doll you should be able to relax until you hear a knock at the door by the local delivery person, with no hassles in-between.

That's why we take care of all Customs clearance matters including payment of all Customs Fees and Taxes and also any direct contact with Customs officials, so you don't have to.


Whatever you need to ask, we are here to assist and promise to do so in a timely manner. If you prefer to send an email , use our handy Online Contact Form, or if you want to speak to a real person, you can call 1800 965860. We are here to help.

When emailing or using the Contact Form, if you provide your phone number and a preferred time of contact, we are more than happy to phone you.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bank Transfer and we also accept BITCOIN

AND! Don't forget about our special 'Pleasure Doll Payment Plan'. 

We Understand 'YOU':

The Australian sex doll industry is booming, and a Doll represents so many different things to so many different people.

Here are some examples of the types of Customers we have assisted:

- young married couples aiming to 'spice' up their love-life;

- medical student needing both male and female Dolls to practice procedures on;

- ageing widow seeking female 'company' to sit with at the dinner table;

- motorcycle enthusiast wanting to strap a naked Doll to the back of his 'Harley' and ride around to impress his mates and scare his neighbours;

- young man with a physical disability, unable to experience sexual pleasure on his own terms, now able to meet his sexual needs with his 'Pleasure Doll';

- the list goes on, and on...

These are all everyday people, like you, each with their own special reasons for wanting their own Pleasure Doll, be it for pleasure or simple companionship.

At Pleasure Dolls Australia we understand YOU, and we work hard to make sure you get what you need, at the best price possible.