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About Irontech Dolls - A Detailed Look

This page offers up-to-date information on Irontech Dolls and why we think they stand out as an attractive Doll option in today's market.

Irontech Dolls have only been around a relatively short time, having opened in 2017. They have quickly caught the attention of the discerning buyer however, and this can be easily seen through Irontech Doll owner's comments shared on The Doll Forum.

After touring the Irontech Dolls factory in March of 2019, it was immediately clear that they were aiming high, and even though their offices and factory space at that time were fairly limited, the attention to detail and the quality being produced made it clear this company was an up-and-coming superstar of the Doll industry.

The hyper-realistic features were what immediately caught our attention. The muscle tone, the realistic labia, the quality feel of the TPE, the quality and flexibility of the skeletons, right down to the thoughtful packaging with the addition of a 'sleeping bag' as an additional measure of protection during transit.

Even the photographic and video modelling shoots are extremely high-end, and have been done very thoughtfully and artistically.

In a short space of time Irontech Dolls has grown out of the limited production area where it began and now enjoys a much larger production space. As the company has grown, so too has the number of Doll styles and configurations. 

Pleasure Dolls Australia offers over 140 different Irontech Dolls, and as this innovative Doll company continues to grow, we will continue to bring you the very latest in design and technology being produced.

The range of quality features is also growing: 

- Shrug shoulders - standard for all Dolls over 155cm in height

- Neck Movement - unique neck movement system allows more realistic range of head movement

- 30 wig styles

- 40 faces and 17 body types / heights

- 'Jelly Breast' option - offers hyper-realism, soft to touch but sturdy

- Moaning option - touch-activated 'moaning' voice option available

Male Doll - 3 options, each offering realistic chest and facial hair

- Penis add-ons2 impressive sizes, with ultra-realistic veiny shafts

- Torso Dolls - 1 x upper body and 1 x lower body option

- all of the standard features and options you have come to expect from a well-respected brand.

When you think about all of the face and wig options, combined with an impressive range of body types, eye colours, skin tones etc, your ability to create your very own unique Irontech Doll has never been easier.

Irontech Doll Inclusions

Included with your Irontech Doll are the following items:

  • Owner's Manual
  • Wig
  • Comb
  • Gloves
  • USB Heating Rod
  • Vaginal/Anal cavity cleaning bottle
  • Lingerie/outfit (randomly selected)
  • Sleeping Bag (for secure storage during transit)



Irontech Doll Videos


It's all in the tag-line: 'Beauty Inspired Creation'. Enjoy watching this Introduction Video to Irontech Dolls:



Hygiene standards have been strengthened to address concerns some Customers might have.

Watch this video to learn more: 


How are they made?

Everybody wants to know what goes on behind-the-scenes at a sex doll factory. 

Watch below to learn about the Irontech Dolls manufacture process. 

Doll Maintenance:

Have you ever wondered how to change your Dolls eye colour?

What about removing make-up or more stubborn stains, or repairing a tear in the TPE skin?

In the below video, Irontech Dolls addresses these issues.