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Payment Plans

Purchasing a 'Pleasure Doll' can be beneficial to people's psychological and sexual well-being, and we want to make Pleasure Doll ownership a possibility for people of all budgets.

So we created a 'Pleasure Doll Payment Plan'.

Benefits of The Payment Plan:
  • You lock in the price of the Pleasure Doll. This will ensure you capitalise on any limited-time sales and promotions we may be running;
  • You can make monthly contributions towards owning your very own Pleasure Doll.

Important - Please Read:

- Full payment is required within 3 months of initial purchase date, and;

- Pleasure Dolls Australia requires 75% of the total payment amount to be made before we can submit the order to the Doll manufacturer, and we can only approve the shipment once full payment has been received. This is because Pleasure Dolls Australia is required to pay each Doll manufacturer in full prior to them commencing manufacture;

- because individual doll manufacturer promotional offers generally run for a maximum of 1 month at a time, please note this Payment Plan option is not available in conjunction with such Promotions. This is because the full Payment Plan due date (i.e. 3 months following date of purchase) will fall outside of a promotion's expiry date.

How do I checkout using a payment plan?

With our payment plan you pay an initial 10% deposit and then pay the remaining balance within 3 months of the purchase date.

With this option you can pay as much as you want at any time, using either Bank Deposit / Paypal as the payment method.

When purchasing a Doll using the Payment Plan option, simply:

  • Add your product(s) to Cart
  • On the Cart Page select the 'Bank Transfer' option.
  • Once the order is placed you'll receive an Order Confirmation email with your Order Number. 
  • We will then email you instructions on how to make regular payments, either via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

    Cancelling / Refunding a Payment Plan

    You are able to cancel a Payment Plan order at any time prior to the order being sent through to the Doll manufacturer.

    Please note that if an order is cancelled after 48 hours of being placed, Pleasure Dolls Australia will deduct an Administration Fee of 10% of the total amount paid up to that date, and we will then refund the balance.

    An order is unable to be cancelled or refunded for any reason once the order details have been sent through to the Doll manufacturer.