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Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage

General Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Your 'Pleasure Doll' should be cleaned every 30 days by using a mild shower foam. The head should be removed and cleaned separately. See included instructions for head removal / attachment.
  • Before use, the intimate areas of the 'Pleasure Doll' should be disinfected and lubricant applied. A well-lubricated condom can also be used in place of lubricating the intimate areas. This is important as these areas are subject to tears over time if not kept lubricated during use.
  • The intimate areas of the 'Pleasure Doll' should be cleaned as soon as possible after usage to avoid the spreading of bacteria. A pump bottle is designed for this purpose, as it can be easily inserted. After cleaning you can sterilise the 'Pleasure Doll' with a little bit of diluted alcohol.
  • Even though the 'Pleasure Doll' can be placed in the bath or shower, do not 'soak' in water for too long. Please DO keep the head away from water. Use a wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it lightly. 
  • If the skin on the 'Pleasure Doll' becomes sticky, please use bath/baby powder to make it dry and smooth again.
  • ​Please do not use a hair dryer to blow dry the 'Pleasure Doll'. After applying bath/baby powder as recommended above, pat dry gently with a lint-free towel.
  • ​Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig. Let the wig dry naturally. Comb the wig very carefully.
  • Perfumes may be used on your 'Pleasure Doll', however keep in mind that most perfumes contain alcohol and these should be avoided if possible as they may be damaging to the TPE materials. Spraying perfumes on hidden areas, such as armpits, is advised.
  • Make-up can be applied without any problems. Some of our 'Pleasure Dolls' already have permanent lip colour applied, but you can freely apply make-up over this as required.
  • ​You should be careful moving the 'Pleasure Doll' around because of the weight. Please try to avoid dropping the 'Pleasure Doll', or knocking it against hard surfaces.
  • Your 'Pleasure Doll' is made with a metal skeleton that has various fixed joints, which enable flexibility of movement and the ability to perform a wide range of poses. There are screw-fixing holes inside the joints, foot, and leg. It is normal for your 'Pleasure Doll' to have some slight modification traces, slight marks at these parts.
  • Do not worry if there is a slight odour with your 'Pleasure Doll'. This is due to the natural oils used inside the 'Pleasure Doll' to ensure the joints operate smoothly. The oil used is completely non-toxic and safe.
  • Sharp objects and extreme force should not be used with the 'Pleasure Doll', it will scratch the surface and damage the skin. The damage will reduce the quality and lifespan of your 'Pleasure Doll'.
  • Avoid having the 'Pleasure Doll' sit on leather or dyed leather materials for too long, as the dyed colour can permeate and stain the Pleasure Doll's skin. Ideally the Pleasure Doll should be dressed in light-coloured or colourless clothing, or even placed into a storage bag, to prevent being stained by anything coming into contact with the skin. ​Clothes that easily stain or cause discolouration should not be used on the 'Pleasure Doll',as it will be difficult to clean off.
  • ​Please do not place products which contain inks, such as newspapers and magazines on the 'Pleasure Doll' and avoid contact with dark-coloured or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments.
  • ​Each 'Pleasure Doll' is manufactured in an upright position. Please do not bend the product in hard positions for long periods of time to avoid long-term damage that deforms your 'Pleasure Doll'.
  • If your Pleasure Doll comes with a 'Standing Feet' option, please do not stand the 'Pleasure Doll' on its feet for more than several hours at any one time. Standing for prolonged periods places too much pressure on the lower torso and can cause damage.
  • ​​Please do not excessively stretch the limbs of the 'Pleasure Doll'.
  • Ideally the Pleasure Doll needs to be stored either by hanging by a hook or by lying down flat with arms and legs placed straight, not bent.


Accidents can and do happen, and if a time comes when you need assistance, 'Pleasure Dolls Australia' have you covered with a TPE Repair Kit, consisting of adhesive and a sample of TPE material to match your Pleasure Doll's skin tone. Instructions are also included.

If you need a Repair Kit, please contact us to discuss as this option is subject to availability.

Storing your 'Pleasure Doll':

  • Depending upon your storage options, it is likely that the 'Pleasure Doll' will collect dust over time and this should be cleaned off regularly, as per the Cleaning instructions included above. The TPE material is glutinous and prone to static electricity build-up, so dust is more likely to gather.
  • It is suggested that a monthly maintenance routine be adhered to, where the skin is lightly washed using a sponge or towel dipped in warm water. Please note it is unnecessary to use anything other than warm water. Strong detergents should never be used. Pat dry gently with a towel, preferably one that won't leave any pilling (towel fibres) on the skin. Afterwards you can use a talcum powder on the skin to assist in keeping the skin dry ready for storage.
  • When storing the 'Pleasure Doll', ensure it is not placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time to avoid premature ageing of the materials.
  • Avoid storage in damp areas, as excessive damp can be harmful to the skin.
  • Ideally the Pleasure Doll should be dressed in light-coloured or colourless clothing, or even placed into a storage bag, to prevent being stained by anything coming into contact with the skin. 
  • Avoid storing the 'Pleasure Doll' in temperatures that are too high or low. Ideally the 'Pleasure Doll' should be stored between 5 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius (41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Avoid placing unnecessarily heavy weight on the 'Pleasure Doll' during storage, as this will alter the shape of the 'Pleasure Doll' over time.
  • Avoid storing or placing the 'Pleasure Doll' near heat sources, as the TPE materials do contain flammable chemicals.

PLEASE NOTE: The above recommendations come directly from the manufacturer.

Our 'Pleasure Dolls' are able to be stored using storage hooks that are designed to link from the top of the neck to a hanger. If you are interested in this option, please contact us to discuss further, as this option is subject to availability.

If you have specific questions that are not covered above, please make contact with us by using our Online Contact Form.

Here is a video produced by Irontech Dolls on how to maintain your Doll, including tips on how to change the eyes, remove make-up and stubborn stains, and repair tears in the TPE skin. 

These instructions can be used with any Doll brand.