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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: ALL prices on this site are based in $AUD (Australian Dollars).

Which payments methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard)
    • Paypal
      • Bank Deposit (for Australian customers only)
        • Payment Plan (visit our 'Payment Plan' page for details)

          How can I trust Pleasure Dolls Australia for my Doll purchase?

          Pleasure Dolls Australia has been in operation since September 2016, and have sold many Dolls to the Australian and International markets. We are Authorised Resellers of WM Dolls, Gynoid Tech, 6YE Premium Dolls and Irontech Dolls.

          In March of 2019 we met with the Owners of these Doll manufacturers to see first-hand the quality and innovation of Doll production, and to discuss industry developments and gain a better awareness of where the sex doll industry is headed in the future.

          Is it safe to use my credit card with www.pleasuredollsaustralia.com.au?

          Yes, we use only the most trusted payment platforms ie; PayPal, Stripe which adhere to strict PCI Compliance regulations, so you can rest assured your credit card details are safe.

          'Pleasure Dolls Australia' cannot accept responsibility for customer mistakes made when sending BTC.

          Is my personal information secure?

          'Pleasure Dolls Australia' employs the very latest (SSL) Secure Socket Layer technology to ensure your personal information remains secure, we do not share/sell any of your personal information with third parties.

          Where are you located?

          Pleasure Dolls Australia are based 100% online, which allows us to offer these products at competitive pricing. All Pleasure Dolls ship directly from the manufacturer, saving you time and money.

          Where are the Doll manufacturers located?

          Pleasure Dolls Australia are Authorised Resellers for WM Dolls, Gynoid Tech, 6YE Premium Dolls and Irontech Dolls, all of which are located in China. 

          I thought Sex Dolls are illegal in Australia?

          Sex Dolls are perfectly legal to buy in Australia, however Dolls that appear 'child-like' are at risk of being seized by Customs, who may then report such an event to Federal Police for further investigation.

          At 'Pleasure Dolls Australia' we do not support the under-age Sex Doll industry and because of this we only advertise Dolls with a minimum height of 140cm with adult body types and faces. This way you can feel more confident and secure in making your purchase.

          For those Customers specifically interested in up-to-date Australian Legislation regarding sex dolls, you can visit the following link:


          Your Dolls are made in China, how do I know they are any good?

          We are Authorised Resellers for the following reputable Doll brands:

          WM Dolls

          - Gynoid Tech

          6YE Premium Dolls 

          Irontech Dolls.

          Rest assured, our manufacturer's TPE & Silicone Dolls are made of the highest quality materials, ensuring a pleasurable, lifelike feel.

          Please see our Customer Feedback page detailing positive comments from many satisfied customers:

          Special Note: BEWARE of non-genuine resellers!

          WM, Gynoid Tech, 6YE and Irontech are highly valued and reputable brands, offering high quality TPE & Silicone materials, ultra-realistic features and a great range of Dolls to choose from at very affordable pricing.

          But there are always those that prefer to try to 'copy' and profit from someone else's work. We have seen many competitors advertising cheap copies without authorisation, so we feel it is worth warning about.

          If you are not buying genuine, you are risking the following:

          - receiving an inferior product;
          - being asked to pay for GST/Import taxes once it arrives into Australia;
          - even getting scammed and not receiving a product at all.

          Pleasure Dolls Australia - Authorised Reseller Listings:

          If you are considering purchasing a quality 6YE Premium Doll, 'Pleasure Dolls Australia' are proud to be listed as an Authorised Reseller of 6Ye products, and we can be found on their reseller listing HERE.

          If you are considering purchasing a quality Irontech Doll, 'Pleasure Dolls Australia' are proud to be listed as an Authorised Reseller of Irontech Doll products, and we can be found on their reseller listing HERE.

          Right now WM Dolls and Gynoid Tech do not have an Authorised Reseller list available.

           Where do you ship to?

          We currently serve the Australian market, but are considering expansion into overseas markets once Covid-19 is no longer a threat.

          Does my 'Pleasure Doll' have to clear Customs? Who pays the taxes and fees?

          Yes, Customs clearance is required by Law in Australia.

          At 'Pleasure Dolls Australia', the price you see advertised is the most you will pay. We understand that once you buy your Doll the next step should be a knock at the door by the local delivery person, with no hassles in between. That's why we take care of all Customs matters, including payment of all Import Fees and Taxes, so you don't have to.

          It's true that some of our competitors will drastically lower the cost of their Dolls to attract your business, however the risk here is that they are likely to be 'under-declaring' the Doll's true value, which will often mean that the Doll can be held at Customs under investigation until proof of the real Import value can be supplied.

          At 'Pleasure Dolls Australia', we are not interested in taking short-cuts that might end up disappointing Customers and our reputation. This means you can feel confident buying your Doll from us, knowing we take care of all the serious stuff, leaving all the fun stuff for you!

          How can I place an order?

          Ordering Online: Choose a 'Pleasure Doll' you'd like to buy and click on the 'Add to Cart' button. Follow the instructions on the order page. If you are ordering more than one product, continue to use our 'Add to Cart' feature.

          Ordering by Email: If you are not quite ready to 'press the button' and commit to a purchase, feel free to email us to discuss anything you need. We are here to assist you to ensure you are truly happy with your 'Pleasure Doll' choice. Send an email to: admin@pleasuredollsaustralia.com.au

          Can you ship to a P.O. Box Address?

          Due to the size and weight of the package, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. BUT Australia Post does offer (at various locations) a Parcel Collection service. Unfortunately this is only available for packages under 22kg and no longer than 105cm.This is suitable for masturbators, additional heads, wigs and TPE repair kits only and not torso or full body dolls. See next FAQ for options for these items.

          I do not want my package delivered to my home address, what can you offer?

          We understand the need for discretion, or extra security of your package by not having it delivered to your home address, where it maybe left without a signature. We can offer to have your package delivered to your local Pack n Send Depot, where you can collect. Please contact us, so we can advise of your local depot.

          When will I be contacted to confirm my order?

          Once your order is placed and your payment cleared you will receive an automated email confirming your purchase with us.

          You can then expect a personal email from us within 12 hours confirming your order details. Once everything is confirmed, your order is then immediately placed with the manufacturer.

          Once tracking details are available, Pleasure Dolls Australia will email you with these details. Your order is then automatically tracked and you will be sent an email each time there is a tracking update available.

          How can I check the status of my order?

          You are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions. You can reply directly to the order confirmation email or use our Online Contact Form.

          When will I be contacted regarding the delivery?

          At some point throughout the shipment, the tracking website will be updated and will show an estimated delivery date. Please note this date is an estimate only, and is subject to change without notice. Pleasure Dolls Australia will continue to provide automated tracking updates each time the tracking status is updated by the shipper.

          Sometimes the shipping company may call you prior to delivery to coordinate a convenient delivery time for you, so please ensure a correct and current phone number is included when ordering.

          How long does it take to ship my order?

          Please refer to our 'Shipping' page for detailed shipping information.

          Once I have placed an order, can I cancel it?

          Please refer to our 'Terms and Conditions' page for more information.

          What happens if my 'Pleasure Doll' is damaged when it arrives?

          Please refer to our 'Terms and Conditions' page for more information.

          Why does it say ('TBA') on my credit card statement/Invoice/Bill?

          ('TBA') is the credit card statement identifier for our e-commerce store 'Pleasure Dolls Australia', thereby offering you discreet billing.

          You don't have the Doll on your website that I want?

          Our goal is to keep the 'Pleasure Dolls Australia' site simple to navigate, therefore we choose to limit the number of available products on display.

          We do have access to ALL available WM, Gynoid Tech, 6YE and Irontech Dolls, so if we don't have the Doll you want, simply contact us using our Online Contact Form

          What are your Dolls made of and what is 'TPE'?

          'Pleasure Dolls' may be made from either Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material (internationally called 'virtual skin') or possibly Silicone.

          TPE material is harmless and odourless, and is recognised under the International Environment Protection Organisation.

          TPE is the closest known material imitating human skin with its elastic properties. Doll manufacturers use top scientific research to copy human bone, and then combine the elastic properties of TPE with a metal skeleton featuring advanced joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. This makes it so that a TPE Doll can mimic actual human movement. The instalments for vaginal, anal, oral and breast sex are all available to offer you the very best pleasure.

          Silicone dolls are reportedly more durable than TPE, thereby lasting longer and are better at resisting damage. They also require less maintenance than TPE dolls and are easier to clean. The use of silicone can also mean the doll have a more 'life-like' appearance with their more detailed and realistic features. Some doll manufacturers have started offered 'soft silicone' products which are somewhere between the firmness of standard silicone and the softer feel of TPE.

          Are the advertised body specifications and weights of the dolls accurate?

          Yes, as all dolls are made from pre-manufactured moulds, although it is possible that the weight of a doll may vary up to 1kg either side of the advertised weight. Body specifications may also vary by a couple of centimetres from those advertised.

          How do I clean my 'Pleasure Doll'?

          Please refer to our Cleaning and Maintenance page for detailed information.

          Can I use make-up and/or perfume on my 'Pleasure Doll'?

          Yes you can! Please refer to refer to our Cleaning and Maintenance page for information.

          I still have questions you have not answered.

          Please feel free to contact us with any question we have not answered above by completing our Online Contact Form.