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The 'China Doll' Tour - March 2019

In March of 2019 Pleasure Dolls Australia travelled to China and visited the factories for each of the Sex Doll suppliers that we are Authorised Resellers for, i.e. WM Dolls, 6YE Premium Dolls and Irontech Dolls.

This was a great experience, and offered a unique insight into the Sex Doll industry as we saw first-hand how these Dolls are manufactured from initial mould right through to application of make-up.

We were able to feel the TPE, see metal skeletons being assembled, watch make-up being carefully applied, see how the Dolls are expertly packed into shipping cartons, and everything in between. Needless to say we were thoroughly impressed with all of our Suppliers and have no hesitation in recommending them to our Customers in terms of features, quality and the technology being used.

Here are a few key points for each Supplier:

WM Dolls

- the original creator of TPE for use in sex doll manufacture and still the largest manufacturing supplier of Sex Dolls in the world;

- huge range of options available, from body types, skin tones, wigs, faces, eye colours, colour of areola and labia, nipple size, pubic hair style, the list is almost endless, and you really can configure your very own Doll in a way that ensures it is totally unique;

6YE Premium Dolls

- new TPE formula that is no longer oily or 'sticky', no more need to powder the Dolls;

- enhanced metal skeleton, offering greater range of movement than ever before;

- ultra-realistic features, including a newly developed Silicone Head with implanted hair;

- range of add-on products i.e. penis/shemale dildo, removable tongue, shrugging shoulder, dust-free Doll Body and Head covers

Irontech Dolls

- hyper-realism, particularly with copying human muscle tone;

- additional 'sleeping bag' Doll protection in the shipping carton;

- huge range of Wig Styles plus five skin tones

Pleasure Dolls Australia has plans to return to China and continue our research into bringing our Australian Customers the very latest Doll options.