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About Gynoid Tech Dolls - A Detailed Look

This page offers up-to-date information on Gynoid Tech Dolls and why we think they stand out as an attractive Doll option in today's market.

Gynoid Tech Dolls appeared on our radar after a Customer asked us whether we would include them as one of our available options.

After speaking at length with the company representative we examined their range and quality and then jumped at the chance to have a fully silicone doll option available to our growing Customer-base.

Gynoid Tech dolls are something else - they are often seen as works of art. The attention to detail is not like anything we have seen before, from the realistic skin 'blemishes' to the delicate folds in the hands as they are closed, these dolls are very special indeed.

There are arranged in groups called 'Models', where each Model number refers to a specific doll height and weight. Within each Model number there are various options, such as normal or loose joints, a choice of 4 eye colours, natural or pink skin tone, a range of vagina depths, standing or normal feet and a limited range of wig styles.

The eyes are 'spring-loaded', making them extremely easy to position when photographing. Simply press them into the socket, position them and release. 

Each doll is securely packaged with sturdy cardboard rails around the package perimeter and multiple foam inserts to prevent movement when in transit. Each doll comes wearing a set of attractive lingerie.

By agreement with our customer we had the first Gynoid Tech doll delivered to our business for inspection before on-forwarding. A video of the unboxing has been included below - to say we were impressed by the quality is an understatement.

We are proud to be offering this exceptional silicone doll brand to our Australian customers.

Gynoid Tech  Doll Inclusions

Included with your Irontech Doll are the following items:

  • Owner's Manual
  • Wig
  • Lingerie/outfit (randomly selected)


Gynoid Tech Doll Unboxing Video

Watch below as we take our first look at a Gynoid Tech Doll.